Our Staff

Our Senior Leadership Team

Pat Birnie: Owner / Director

Pat Birnie

pAt has been involved in camping since 1982 and has been a Counsellor, Section Director, Program Director and Outdoor Centre Director at Camp Tawingo since 1991.

Assuming ownership of the Camp in 2003, Pat is working with past and current staff, parents and campers to ensure that all of the amazing and fun activities continue to be a part of the Arrowhead Experience.

Now in his 13th summer at Camp, alongside his wife, Becca Birnie, pAt is continuously looking at improving the Camp experience.

pAt, Becca, their three sons, Jack William, Jeremy and camp dog, Bella, are all looking forward to seeing you at Camp this summer.

Mike Hinchley: Camp Co-Director

This will be Mike’s 27th year as a staff member at Arrowhead Camp. During the year he works as a grade 7 teacher in the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board. Mike graduated from Lakehead University with a degree in Education.

He has worked at camp in many roles including as a tennis instructor, Sport’s Director, CIT Director and Program Director. These days Mike oversees the day to day operations of the camp and ensures that all the campers are entertained in a creative and educational manner.

In his spare time, Mike enjoys sports, fishing, music and spending time outdoors.

Mike Hinchley

Becca Birnie: Camp Mom / Director

Becca Birnie

The summer of 2018 is Becca’s 15th year at Arrowhead Camp! Before coming to Arrowhead, Becca was a Program Director for Camp Tawingo’s Outdoor Centre, and a grade 3/4 teacher at Tawingo College.

During the year she works as a Librarian at the Dwight Library and has been a supply teacher for the Trillium Lakelands District School Board. At Arrowhead, Becca has been the nature/crafts director, and the camp registrar and works part time in the camp office throughout the year, while staying at home with her and Pats three boys, Jack (9), William (7) and Jeremy (3).

Her favourite spot at camp is in a canoe on the water, and she loves taking the boys for hikes on the biking trails in the camp’s 23 acres of forest.

Our Camp Staff

Our staff consists of exceptional young people who have been very carefully chosen based on their qualifications, personality, maturity and sense of responsibility.

Most of our staff have themselves been Arrowhead campers, and have ‘grown up’ with us. All are certified in First Aid and CPR.

All Arrowhead staff have as their goal the safest and happiest camp experience possible for every camper. Because our counsellors are also instructors in one of our activities, they get to know every camper.


Ian Hickman - Marketing Director, Senior Staff Supervisor, Fishing

Keah Hancocks - Office Administration & Photography

Julia Birnie - Tripping & Staff Support

Cameron Hammond - Site and Facility Director

Jess Pennington - LIT Director

Adrian Widner - LIT Director

Natalie Amlin - Girls' Camp Director

Jon Jon Hucker - Boys' Camp Director

Sam Croft - Media, Co-Program Director, Nature, Choice Activities & Theatre

Matt Macgregor - Media, Co-Program Director, Choice Activities & Theatre

Food Services

Dave Moffat - Camp Chef

Tom Trivett - Sous-Chef

Lukas Richardson - Lodge Manager

Cate Lemieux

Marwa Hassan

Emma Cole

Power Sports

Sydney Scicluna

Robyn Wood

Christa Reitter

Allan Brimbecom

Carson Pennington

Kelti McClure


Ilan Hughes - Co-Head Waterfront Director, Fishing Director

Sydney Hyndman - Co-Head Waterfront Director

Julia Sjolin - Co-Head Waterfront Director

Samantha Cockburn

Veronica Jones

Leah Mangiola


Vijay Khanmaini - Head

Will Kimoto

Evelyn Widner

Molly McCarthy


Grace Donnelly - Co-Head

Avery Haas - Co-Head

Natalie Saba

Robin Sibley

Emily Johnston


Hunter King - Head

Matthew Weeks

Kelly De Gier

Ciaran Cullen-Postma

Jack Keegan

Mason Fitzpatrick


Alan Dimitriev - Head

Dylan Hachmer

Craig Maslan

Olivia Birnie


Will Koster - Staff/Boat Driver

Ilan Hughes

Ian Hickman


Grant Meaney - Senior Staff Floater/DOT Activities

Sarah Tiller

Katie Holmes

Day Camp

Max Peacock - Head/Theatre/ Property

Thomas Trauchessec

Sydney Durham - Nanny

Anna Matheisen

Emilie Trauchessec

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