Arrowhead Awards


At Arrowhead Camp we have numerous levels of awards and recognition that campers can aim to achieve. Above and beyond our badges and crests, we have a program of recognition for those campers and staff that have gone above and beyond in various aspects of camp life. These trophies are on permanent display in a place of honor in our dining hall for campers, staff and visitors alike to view and pay tribute to the efforts and dedication of these recipients.

Arrowhead Camp awards

 Arrowhead Camp 5, 10, 15 & 20 Year Club

 Arrowhead Camp Honour Roll

 Power Sports Awards

 Richardson Award of Recognition

 The Queenie Award

 Golden Arrow Award

 Mitch Plant Gold Paddle Award

 Golden Sail Award

 Golden Ski Award

 Golden Swimming Award

 Golden Tennis Award

 Golden Wheel Award