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2013 Arrowhead StaffOur staff consists of exceptional young people who have been very carefully chosen based on their qualifications, personality, maturity and sense of responsibility.

Most of our staff have themselves been Arrowhead campers, and have 'grown up' with us. All are certified in First Aid and CPR.

All Arrowhead staff have as their goal the safest and happiest camp experience possible for every camper. Because our counsellors are also instructors in one of our activities, they get to know every camper.

Here is a look at our amazing staff for the Summer of 2014!

Camp Directors
Pat Birnie
Mike Hinchley
Becca Birnie

Peggy Stewart, Jen Valliquette, Michelle Johnson 



Alex McNulty- Junior Director                                    Matt Teague- Boy's Camp Director

Carolyn Munro- Girl's Camp Director                         Cole Moro- Lit Director

Carla Galceran- LIT Director                                        Megan Briggs-  Office/Waterfront Director    

Kyra Chisholm- Program Director/Theatre Arts        Alec Macpherson- Tripping Director


CANOEING-  Erin Poter (Head), Nick Cullen, Ashley Gilbank, Keah Hancocks, Kate Allan

SAILING- Claire Christie (Head), Holden Koivu, Ian Hickman, Detta Rodney

BIKING-  Nick Amlin (Head), Michael Allan , Alex Lemieux 


SKIING- Tristan Fowler (Head), Katie Grabauskas, Haley Rusheleau, Garrett Wood, Cameron Hammond

SWIMMING- Eva Stefanova, Daniel Macgregor, Abby Sparling, Chris Clark, Julia Birnie, Jessica Newby

SPORTS- Jamie Dimond (Head), Adam Urban, Thomas Trivett, Emma Love

FOOD SERVICE- Dave Moffat (chef), Andrea McNulty (sous-chef),Marty Wood (kitchen manager),Michaela White

Day Camp-  Clara Mackinnon-Cabrel

Camp Nanny-  Rebecca Buxton

Floaters-  Sean Devine, Lukas Richardson



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