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All of our staff are trained to deliver a high quality and safe program.

Daily activities include:

  • Power Sports - Waterskiing, Wakeboarding & Kneeboarding (Tubing is available on special days)
  • Land Sports - Tennis, Archery, Basketball, Soccer, Field Lacrosse, Ultimate, Road Hockey to name a few.
  • Nature & Crafts - Utilizing the natural world around us, campers learn to be comfortable in the out of doors and incorporate naturally found items into interesting and fun crafts. There is also an ‘Animal Hotel' that can accommodate local lizards, bugs, fish and small animals for short stays.
  • Swimming - Campers can work on their Aquaquest and Lifesaving levels while at camp. All of our Swim Staff are qualified and certified Lifeguards.
  • Canoeing & Kayaking - Camp has a large fleet of canoes and Kayaks for fun on the water. We also have optional Canoe Trips into Algonkin Park for those that are interested.
  • Sailing - With a significant fleet of Sailboats, sailors of all ages get to experience all aspects of sailing. From sailing with a crew in our Hobbie 16 to going out with one other camper in a Laser, every camper will be able to challenge and develop their sailing skills.

Safety is a key component of all of our activities. Working with campers, we develop a solid knowledge base and awareness of all of our activities to ensure that these activities are as safe as possible. Campers and Staff are required to wear Personal Floatation Device (PFD's) or Lifejackets during all of the boating activities. Camp provides safe PFD's and Lifejackets for all campers. We also provide paddles for the kayaks and Canoes.

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Evening Activities

After supper every week day we offer two all camp programs. Immediately following supper all staff and campers participate in a high energy wide game, for example capture the flag, rocks, survival etc. At the completion of the wide game campers have a one hour break to get ready for the theme program and visit the Tuck Shop for a treat. After this break the entire camp meets at the flagpole where the 2nd evening program is introduced. This program is generally a theme and character rich program in which campers of all ages can let their imagination run wild.


Saturday's are All Camp days. The entire day is focused on one encompassing theme. Campers and staff look forward to this high energy and exciting day of activities. On Sunday, we slow the pace down just a bit. Campers enjoy this change of pace and look forward to enjoying a more relaxed day at camp.


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