War of 1812 Program

            In commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812, our evening programming has split the camp into two teams; English and American. The teams have been eagerly fighting their way to victory, throwing water balloons and sponges at each other.

            With the beautiful weather continuing at camp, campers and staff are having a great time this session. With only four days left, rehearsals for the "School of Rock" musical are well underway. Its shaping up to be a great show with many talented actors and musicians. Stay tuned for more updates!

pat and mike


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Oscars All-Day Program!

            Today at camp is the Academy Awards themed All-Day Program! The camp has been divided onto 4 teams that represent different Hollywood films and genres. These are Jurassic Park (Drama), Snow White (Animation), Avatar (Sci-Fi) and Anchorman (Comedy). The teams have competed in a variety of challenges throughout the day and despite the heat, the teams are still going strong! Stay posted to find out which team will be awarded the prestigious Oscar this evening. 



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Arrowhead's Got Talent!

           Yesterday evening was Arrowhead's first talent show, in which campers performed their unique talents in front of the judges. We saw a wide array of performances, including comedy routines, art work, dancing and amazing singing. 

           In regards to Arrowhead Theatre, this session we will be performing the play "School of Rock," based on the popular movie. Rehearsals began today and the dramatic and musical talent is looking very promising!

           It was a beautiful day at camp today, and we had a cookout with hamburgers for lunch. Everyone is having a great time on activities and many campers are getting involved in the session-long ping-pong tournament that will be taking place during the daily rest hour period.

girls agt


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Gold Award Winners!

            Once in a while, we recognize campers that excel in certain activities. Gold awards are presented to those who stand-stand out on activities; they are given to campers who not only are skilled, but more importantly who have a positive attitude and passion for that sport. 

            Second session, we had two campers win the prestigious gold award. Congratulations to Ines for winning the golden paddle for her excellence on canoeing and Alex for his dedication to mountain biking. We're so proud!

paddle  wheel

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Arrowhead Games Triathalon

          On the final day of First session, we celebrated the conclusion to the First Arrowhead Games with an intense triathalon. Campers from the junior, intermediate and senior level competed in the tri-sport challenge. Congratulations to the four winners; Thomas, Jordi, Jason and staff winner, Eamonn

          In the end, the Birkendale Bears were victorious in winning the first Arrowhead Games! We look forward to next year when the same teams will compete in different challenges to prove their strength and determination!

         Today marks the half-way point of the summer and the beginning of third session. We will be welcoming a new group of campers and L.I.Ts, so there is a lot of excitement in the air!



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Arrowhead Theatre Update!

           Thursday evening was Arrowhead Theatre's performance of Peter Pan. Opening the show, the staff band performed some pirate- themed songs. Check out all of the intruments in our multi-talented band!

            The show was a huge success as the cast wow-ed the audience with their performances. After the show, the entire cast and crew gathered for a celebration of all the hard work they put into the show!



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Second Session is flying by!

            With only three days left in second session, campers and staff are continuing to have a great time at camp. Last night we played Stock Market, testing the campers' strategy and problem-solving abilities. 

            The Arrowhead Games continue, with the synchronized swimming competition taking place this afternoon. Tomorrow is Arrowhead Theatre's production Peter Pan, so last minute rehearsals and preparations are taking place all day. Stay posted!



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40th Birthday Celebrations!

            On Sunday, 4 canoe trips left for Algonquin Park early in the morning. It was also a special day because Arrowhead celebrated their 40th Anniversary! In the evening, there was a huge celebration including several performances and a fantastic cake.

            The second week begins as the weather remains hot and sunny! With 3 days left until Arrowhead Theatre‚Äôs production of Peter Pan, all of the cast and crew are prepping for a big show!




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Olympics-themed All Day Program!

           The Summer Olympics-themed All Day Program was on Saturday. The camp was divided onto 4 different sport teams that were working to gain a spot in the Olympic lineup. These sports were rugby, baseball, golf and lacrosse. After a long day of cheering and many activities, the baseball team was victorious and thus able to light the Olympic Flame!



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