Arrowhead games triathlon 2013

Yesterday afternoon campers and staff participated in a triathlon in order to gain points for the Arrowhead Games. It was quite the race, starting off with swimming then biking down fright night road and ending off with a long distance run around the field. The campers were divided into 6 teams for the Arrowhead Games that they will be on year after year. Each team chose a junior, intermediate and senior camper to run the triathlon as well as a staff member. The race was close in all the categories and in the end there were 4 winners. 

Ella from the "Ronville Raiders" in the Junior category, Jared from the "Ronville Raiders" in the intermediate category, Aiden from the "Ronville Raiders" in the Senior camper category and Daniel from the "Foxpoint Vixens" for the staff race. Congratulations to the participants of this year’s triathlon!

Look below for pictures of the event!


\IMG 0879IMG 0881IMG 0884IMG 0886IMG 0887IMG 0892IMG 0894IMG 0895IMG 0902IMG 0912IMG 0915IMG 0920IMG 0923IMG 0925IMG 0926IMG 0927IMG 0932IMG 0938

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Second Session updates!

Second session is flying by and camp is in great spirits! The campers have been extremely involved in the "Arrowhead Games" where they have been rallied against each other in order to see which team can rack up the most points throughout the session. The activities that can be counted towards the "AG" can be anything from volleyball at rest hour to a game of Rocks during minor program. The campers have also been training throughout the week for the Triathlon on Thursday at rest hour. 

On the weekend All Day Program was a blast with a Harry Potter theme. The camp was divided into two teams, which were “Slytherin” and “Gryffindor”. In the end Slytherin came out as the winners of the day but all the campers had a great time regardless.

Some of the campers have been working extremely hard to put on a production of “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe” for Arrowhead Theatre. They have been working on painting the sets, setting up the lighting and memorizing lines for a week. The production will be taking place Thursday night for Minor and Major program. Updates will be posted on the Facebook and Website.

Take a look at the pictures of the session so far below!

IMG 0021IMG 0059IMG 0107IMG 0276IMG 0513IMG 0534IMG 0549IMG 0563

IMG 0410IMG 0411IMG 0437IMG 0451


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5th Session Canoe Trip

Check out the following video of the 5th session canoe trip shot on last years 5 day canoe trip!

This special 4 night and 5 day canoe trip takes place during our 5th session on August 18th-24th. The campers spend time preparing and learning skills for a day at camp then head off to the park for the canoe trip, coming back for the Friday night dance. This trip is an awesome experience to learn new things and bond with other campers in the same age group. The trip is for campers 13 to 16 years old and there is a maximum of 7 campers on this trip. The camp sends 2 highly trained staff that are experienced with tripping and know the ins and outs of camping in the park. Your child will be able to experience Algonquin Provincial Park, get some exercise and have the time of their lives. This trip fills up fast so sign up as soon as possible on our home page registration form!


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Arrowhead Idol 2013

During session 1B the some campers participated in "Arrowhead Idol". The theme was "Arrowhead Factor" and many celebrities made an appearance such as Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, One Direction and Ed Sheeran. The night was started off with 10 contestants showing off their skills to the camp. We had Kathryn from Fantasia sing "I knew you were trouble", Sienna and Emily also performed "Call me maybe" along with Adam from the Swamp who sung "Dream a little dream". Next up we had Alex and Milena who did a fantastic gymnastics routine, Harrison with a Karate stick routine and Natasha from Clovelly sung a great broadway tune. Claire did a little dance to Katy Perry's "Firework" and Miles from the cave did an awesome breakdance routine followed by a hilarious stand up routine performed by Matt from The Bay. Finally Klaudia from Oasis did a lovely rendition of "I do wanna love you". The campers then voted and the top 3 were put through to the next round.

After the final 3 performances (Klaudia, Harrison and Alex & Milena) the campers voted again and the winner was...

Drum roll...


IMG 9846


Klaudia from Oasis after her breathtaking performances of Hedley and Rihanna! Great job Klaudia.

Keep checking back for a compilation video of the night!

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First session

First session has come to an end after 2 weeks of fun, friendship and sunshine. We would like to thank all of the campers for making 1st session such a success. We are looking forward to seeing everyone next year!

Below are a few cabin photographs from the session

IMG 9854

IMG 9840

IMG 9829

IMG 9825


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Session 1B Update!

It is hard to believe that it’s already half way through session 1B. The days seem to just be flying by as the weather has returned to being sunny and hot after a little rain, and the water is refreshing as ever. The campers have been enjoying activities both on the waterfront and land and many are going for levels. Some highlights of the session so far were the casino night with “horse” races, several cabin campfires, a great game of power ball and a crazy thunderstorm. Just yesterday a few celebrity guests made an appearance at camp and held auditions for "Arrowhead Idol" where campers can show off their talents. Check back tomorrow to see who wins!

Here are some pictures of the session 1B activities!

IMG 9079

IMG 9093

IMG 9133

IMG 9169

IMG 9177IMG 9188IMG 9195IMG 9202

IMG 9188

IMG 9195

IMG 9202

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The Greatest Warrior All Day Program

Yesterday was an exciting day when the entire camp participated in the “ Greatest Warrior ” themed All Day Program. It was a fun filled day where the campers, LIT’s and staff were divided into 4 teams consisting of boxing, wrestling, WWE and sumo wrestling. Throughout the day they competed against each other in a series of fun teambuilding exercises and various games. The main highlights of the day were the team cheer-offs, a fantastic obstacle race through the forest and a final battle to see who would be crowned “The Greatest Warrior”. Some campers were even fully painted head-to-toe to represent their team in full camp spirit! In the end Sumo Wrestling came out on top and were victorious. 

Scroll down for some pictures of the day!

IMG 8489

The teams commando crawling through the obstacle course.

IMG 8454

All four teams surrounding the fight ring in anticipation of the cheer off.

IMG 8498

"Boxing" making their way through the obstacle course.

IMG 8628

A camper trying to push the Sumo wrestler off of the water mat and into the water!

IMG 8461

WWE during the cheer off. "Here comes the boom! Here comes the boom!"

IMG 8431

Campers painting "WWE" on each other for spirit points.

IMG 8745

One of the final "fights"! 

IMG 8466

The Sumo wrestling team doing their cheer off! Looks like it payed off since they came out on top in the end!


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1st Session 2013 Update

Camp is well underway with only one more day until we say goodbye to our 1A campers. The weather has been fabulous and smiles can be seen everywhere on camp property. Our new choice activity program has been a great success with many campers participating in yoga, running, guitar lessons, comic book making and some cool new board games. The addition of the fitness program has brought excitement to those campers who love to get their fitness fix. Energy is high after Thursday night’s "Broadway Airband" night where all cabins performed a dance on stage. The performances were so good that the staff couldn’t choose a winner! Anticipation is building for tomorrow’s “All Day Program”. Check back here tomorrow for the big reveal of the theme and some pictures of the day! 

IMG 8344

Clovelly performing their High School Musical airband.

IMG 8166

Taylor giving guitar lessons to a camper!

IMG 8264

Getting some serious air on skiing!

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First Session Has Begun!

We have kicked off our summer today with our first check in day of the summer.  The weather has been great and the campers are getting ready to start their activities.  Check back here often for news updates from session 1.

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Camp Improvements For 2013

As the summer approaches we want to keep all of our camp families in the loop with camp improvements for this summer.  Each year we try to make camp a better place and here some highlights of things we have planned for the upcoming summer.

  • new dining hall, kitchen, office and tuck shop
  • new campfire circle
  • renovated cabins with new bunks (Fort and Eclipse)
  • new menu items
  • more daily choice activities
  • guitar levels and further develpment of the music program
  • fitness program
  • astronomy program
  • photgraphy and video options for campers

It's going to be an amazing summer at Arrowhead!


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