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Staff Training 2014

Our staff arrive on Sunday, June 22nd and we're excited to get the summer going.  We have 48 staff working at camp this summer and we will spend the next week preparing for the summer.  Highlights of the week will include staff bonding activities, activity set up and final camp prep.

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School Groups 2014

We had a very busy spring at camp with four full weeks of school groups.  We would like to thank the staff and students from Cedarview Middle School, Katimavik School, Walter Zadow Public School and Longfields-Davidson Heights School.  Enjoy the rest of your summers and we hope to see you back at camp next year.

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Camp Opens for 2014

Our spring staff start arriving at camp this weekend.  They will be working hard getting things cleaned up, painted and ready for your arrival.  Our first to arrive are Alex, Matt, Tristan, Carolyn, Kyra and Andrea.  Let's hope that things warm up for them.

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Spring Has Arrived

Spring 2014 Update

As the camp season approaches we will be using this section of the website for updates.  Our first spring staff start on May 4th and we're excited to have them up at camp.  Check back often for updates.


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4th Session Updates!


The 4th session campers have been all smiles thus far in the week. They are an extremely energetic group of kids and they are having a blast getting into the programs and activities. Last night the campers went around in their cabin groups and had to search for their favorite comic book super heroes as they ran away from the convention and were spread all over camp. Some of the superhero favorites were Captain Underpants, The Hulk and Cat Woman. There has been a huge jump in the amount of crazy things being written in the news box, including a dance off between Eclipse and The Swamp. Overall the session is flying by and before we know it the Friday night dance will be coming to a close. Keep checking back for more updates on the website, Facebook and twitter. Here are a few pictures below of the session so far!

IMG 3226IMG 3258IMG 3270IMG 3273IMG 3274IMG 3284IMG 3287IMG 3301IMG 3328IMG 3338


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Goodbye 3rd Session

Sadly, 3rd session has come to a close. We just wanted to thank all of the campers for such an amazing fun filled session. The energy was high the whole time and everyone had a blast. We hope that the last few weeks of everyone’s summer are a blast. See you next year! Here are a few pictures from the session. More will be posted in the photo section of the website and facebook soon!


IMG 1543IMG 1716IMG 1815

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3rd Session Update!

Session 3 has been flying by so far. The campers have been busy doing activities and participating in all of camps programs. The best part is seeing all of the smiles all around camp. It has been an exciting session with the MTV video awards coming to camp on thursday night. Many celebrities arrived at camp including Jennifer Lawrence, Ke$ha, Miley Cyrus and Enrique Inglesias. The night was jam packed with performances by every cabin to their favourite song. 

Friday night we had an exciting event happen at camp. Genevieve and Randy said their vows and got married in our new dining hall! There were laughs, tears and alot of family drama. The banquet had a few performances, even one by "Adele". The banquet was followed by the ceremony and then the couple enjoyed their first dance and everyone had a great time as the dance was held in the dining hall for the first time ever!

Yesterday camp was overrun by aliens in disguise trying to steal planet earths best TV genre for all day program. The teams were Drama, Animation, Sci-Fi and Reality. All of the teams cheered all day and had a blast. In the end Reality TV proved to be the best TV genre and beat the aliens so planet earth would not lose its best genre. Way to go Reality team, your cheers and energy all day were amazing!

Keep checking back on our Facebook, Twitter and News Blog for more updates!


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Second session has come to an end...

Second session is now over and all of the campers have returned home. We had an amazing time and we would like to thank all of the campers for making second session so great! Here is the slideshow video for second session and photo's will be up on Facebook and the website soon!

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